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Welcome to XCOM! Empty Welcome to XCOM!

Post by SpottyBug on Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:42 am

Hello and welcome to XCOM.forumotion.com !!!

I want to discuss the objectives for the website in this post.

- The objective is to gather the XCOM players on the PlayStation 3 to this site so everyone will be able to befriend each other and always have someone to play a match against on the PS3.

- Provide a friendly place for new players to find help, strategies, and more in both single player and multi player.

- Be a resource for players in all the XCOM games. Currently only have EU and EW. Will add XCOM 2 later.

- Develop rules for tournaments and rankings. Hopefully something simple, fun and challenging for everyone.

Feel free to add objectives and / or comments!


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