DeathMatch League for EW

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DeathMatch League for EW Empty DeathMatch League for EW

Post by SpottyBug on Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:45 am

Fight as many different opponents as you can, fight your way to the top!

- All opponents need to sign up below.
- Late sign ups are accepted!
- Several matches can be played against same opponent.
- Post your results below.
- Max 7500 points per squad.
- No flying units allowed.
- All maps allowed.
- League starts Monday August 17th and ends Sunday August 23rd.
- No match ups needed, just start battling when league starts!

Points awarded per win;
- First win against an opponent grants 3 points, consecutive wins against same opponent grants only 1 point.
- Winner will receive a temporary special rank.
- Remember to post your results below!

Interested? Sign up below to let the other members know you are ready to game!

Rules subject to change.

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